Prior to the pandemic, you could find me in my office working in the same position, as a neurosurgical medical transcriptionist, that I had for the previous 22 years. It provided me a sense of security that I couldn't leave (or so I thought). However, in a far too common story, back in March 2020, I found myself laid off with my position permanently dissolved. In this new season of my life, I began to rethink what my future could look like. My passion and side hobby had been home design and decor for as long as I could remember, but I never had the time or faith to pursue it as a career.

Now, with newfound time on my hands post-layoff, my husband and I were able to tackle a side project of renovating a small cottage. I had people that I'd never met coming up to talk about how much they loved our cottage renovation! With the time and opportunities to take on design clients, I was able to take on my first "official" design project for my friend, Kim Jensen, owner of Amelia's Apparel. With her constant encouragement and cheerleading, new opportunities continued presenting themselves.

Opening a retail storefront was never my intention. Initially, my goal was to grow an interior decorating business by word-of-mouth, but I guess God had other plans, as things continued to fall into place. With God's divine plan and LOTS of encouragement, it is truly amazing what doors were opened. My family and I decided to take a huge leap of faith and bring my design style to a retail location in the heart of beautiful downtown Madison.

With this retail store, I have the opportunity to fill it with all the things I love and use in my own home! From furniture, lamps, and accessories that I use myself, to gifts that I would give to my family and friends. I want Madison Grace to be your one-stop shop for all things pretty!

I've always been known as a DETAILS girl, and I hope that all of the details and love put into this space are felt when you come through the doors. We're here to help you transform your home into somewhere you love and to offer unique gifts you are proud to give!

Our newest venture is opening up our e-commerce website for shopping.
Visit us at our storefront Monday thru Saturday or online 24/7.


When first moving to Madison, I needed a baby shower gift and didn't have time to run to Athens or Atlanta. That was the first kernel of an idea that Madison could really use a baby boutique.

NEVER - in my wildest imagination did I know that this would be another of my long time aspirations brought to fruition.

My desire when opening Madison Grace Home in November 2020 was to offer not only home furnishings and decor, but to become a one-stop shop for baby-gifts, hostesses gifts or "just because" gifts. So, in the back of MGH, I added a small baby gift section. Customers were continually asking me about opening a full fledged baby store that carried clothing and shoes. I always answered emphatically - "No Way"! I hadn't even gotten my feet on the ground with my current store, much less considering another venture.

Fast forward one year - God began to open doors and orchestrate events that just fell into place. The retail space next door became available and the owner approached me about expanding into his space. Apparently, the two stores had once been adjoined and served as the town's general department store but now had two separate owners. The owner of one wanted me to approach the owner of the other to get permission to cut an opening between the two. I was quite skeptical that permission would be granted, but instead it was met with enthusiasm. I can just see God smiling at my disbelief. So now I had to make a decision if this was something I really wanted to move forward with.

March 2022 - Madison Grace Baby was born!

Madison Grace Baby is a beautiful children's boutique that offers a thoughtfully curated collection of children's clothing, shoes, accessories and baby gifts.

At the request of customers we have expanded our sizes from Newborn to 4T all the way up to 7/8. My purpose for this store was to fill a gap in our community. I welcome and rely on customer feedback as to the items and brands I carry as well as sizes. With my own two boys now grown and no little kiddos around, I value customer input so much, and appreciate the local support of our small business. It is an absolute joy to serve my community in this small way.

I often get asked where the name of the store, MADISON GRACE comes from. Is it your daughter's name ?? .... (no, I have two boys) :) but if I had a daughter, wow! What a beautiful name!

When contemplating the name of the store, I knew I wanted an easily recognizable and readable name, but also one that carried some meaning to me, a reflection of my faith, because the fact that I was opening a retail store at all was a testament to God's divine plan and grace.

I kept coming back to the word Grace - one day when this word kept coming to my mind, I looked up all of the definitions of Grace - and this one struck a chord with me...

GRACE: the unmerited favor of God

I instantly knew this would be the name of the store:


because if I was planning to open a RETAIL store in the midst of the pandemic (who does that??) I would most definitely need the UNMERITED FAVOR OF GOD! :)